The Benefits of Circumcision

The skin of the foreskin contains unique cells, called Langerhans cells, that attract the cells that produce HIV and sexually transmitted diseases (STIs). The foreskin can also suffer small tears or bruising from friction during sex, making it vulnerable to infections. 

Many men and boys also suffer from non-sexually transmitted infections of the foreskin that cause genital warts or pain and discomfort.

Removing the foreskin has many benefits:

  • It is easier to keep the penis clean.
  • It lowers the risk of HIV and STIs. It does not remove the risk entirely. Circumcised men must use condoms. * There is less chance of bruising and tearing during sex, which makes sex more enjoyable for men and women.
  • Circumcision  reduces women's risk of cervical cancer 
  •  Many women prefer sex with circumcised men. The penis looks, feels and smells better. Some women believe that sex lasts longer and is more pleasurable with circumcised men.
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