Brothers forLife Radio Series

Brothers for Life, in partnership with SABC Education, are launching a weekly half hour talk show on all local language radio stations of the SABC. The show, "Brothers are talking", aims to stimulate dialogue and get men involved in preventing new HIV infections, stopping gender-based violence, and promoting responsible fatherhood.

The first show, devoted to medical male circumcision will be broadcast on air on all  SABC participating stations during the first week of June, in 11 different languages.  The series will include a celebration of fathers in honour of Father's Day, discussions on how men who express themselves violently can change their behaviour, and advice on TB prevention.

Brenda Goldblatt, Director for Strategic Communications at Centre for Communications Impact, which promotes Brothers for Life, is excited about yet another fruitful partnership with SABC Education building on the successes of the previous radio talk show series that have sought to engage the public on the key issues being addressed.

"We could not be happier with our partnership and the enthusiasm of the SABC radio producers to ensure that we deliver a top quality show which will help to speak to men across the length and breadth of the country about issues that are of huge importance for their health and wellbeing, that of their partners and their families."

Brothers for Life is the national Men's Programme that is being undertaken in partnership with the South African Government, the SANAC Men's Sector and more than 100 NGOs across the country. The talkshow is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and PEPFAR, and is being coordinated by Centre for Communication Impact and other civil society partners around the country.

About Us

Brothers for Life is a social and well-being movement aimed at mobilising men to take responsibility for their own health. We hope to achieve this by promoting positive male norms and encourage men to test for HIV and undergo Medical Male Circumcision (MMC), actively take a stand against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in their communities.

Our Manifesto

Brothers who stand for responsible relationships
Brothers who stand for responsible parenting
Brothers who stand for responsible behaviour
Brothers who live positively
Brothers who do the right thing
Brothers who stand for life