Dr Sivu


Brothers for Life Dr Sivu

Dr Sivu is a medical doctor who graduated from Wits University in 2012. He is currently the Provincial Rep for Gauteng and a member of the National Executive Council of the Junior Doctors Association of South Africa. Dr Sivu engages the Brothers for Life Audience on Social Media by doing live chats and answering inbox messages. @TheSivu

About Us

Brothers for Life is a social and well-being movement aimed at mobilising men to take responsibility for their own health. We hope to achieve this by promoting positive male norms and encourage men to test for HIV and undergo Medical Male Circumcision (MMC), actively take a stand against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in their communities.

Our Manifesto

Brothers who stand for responsible relationships
Brothers who stand for responsible parenting
Brothers who stand for responsible behaviour
Brothers who live positively
Brothers who do the right thing
Brothers who stand for life