What are the Different Types of Rape?


Rape is any  sex act where one person sexually penetrates another without their consent

Statutory Rape

Any sexual act between an adult and a child under 16 is considered rape, even if both parties consent.

Compelled Rape

Compelled Rape is when someone forces two people to have sex. An example could be in a hijacking when an attacker forces people into having sex; both people who have been forced to have sex with each other would be treated as victims and not perpetrators.

Gang Rape or Multiple Rape

Gang Rape or Multiple Rape is rape involving two or more perpetrators.

Marital Rape

Marital Rape is any sexual act committed by a spouse or ex-spouse without the consent and/or against the other person's will, or a sexual act which happens because someone is forced, threatened, intimidated, or unable to say yes to sex, for instance if they are asleep, drugged or unconscious.  Paying lebola does not entitle a man to have sex with his wife if she does not consent.

Corrective Rape

Corrective Rape is  the rape of lesbians to punish them for their sexuality because men may feel threatened or rejected. Some say their intention is to 'correct' a woman's behaviour. There have been numerous violent rapes and murders of black lesbian women in South Africa. The term transphobic rape includes the rape of other groups who are also vulnerable to rape.

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