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Zenzele is an ARV adherence program that promotes adherence to ARV treatment and encourages healthy living on ARVS as part of the HIV journey. The campaign utilizes peer supporters and social media platforms to promote ARV adherence and ultimately viral load suppression. Our peer supporters are people from the community who are openly living with HIV and are on ARVs, this is because our peer supporters use their personal experience and HIV journey to encourage those they support to start or stay on treatment. Zenzele peer supporters can be found in 12 clinics across Ekurhuleni South and Steve Tshwete sub-districts.

12 Clinics Supported
30 HIV positive Peer supporters
856 men supported on mhealth
1,711 women supported on mhealth
2,581 people in our program

The Universal Test and Treat (UTT) Policy means that anyone who tests positive for HIV can start taking ARVS immediately, no matter what your CD4 count is. It is better to start your ARV regime as soon as possible to avoid getting sick.


Taking your ARVs every day, at the same time and exactly your doctor or nurse have prescribed, means that you are adhering to your treatment. There are many benefits to adhering to your ARV regimen.


Telling someone about your HIV positive status is an important step in successfully adhering to your ART. Evan though disclosure can be scary, disclosing to a trusted person, as early as possible, can be rewarding because of the benefits of love, acceptance and support.